Your Title/name Here Hello to every living creature that knows that I exsicts! I'm a galician-spanish girl who loves any kind of art but over all, visual and music arts. And also an Otaku! (And kinda a fujoshi...but not too much! xD)

=>What visual arts I like?
I like Impresionism painting so mostly of autors of this gender and also the realistic historic ones

=>What musical arts I like?
OASIS! (Gotta love 'em <3), Muse, QOTSA, Arctic Monkeys, The Strypes, Izal, Vetusta Morla, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Hereos Del Silencio, Deftones and many,many more!

=> Other thing I like?
Drawing! (For some reason I'm doing the "Belas Artes" deegre, right?), playing the guitar and bass guitar, geckos, owls, golden retrievers, husckies friends and my aniki-friend <3